Site Design for Everyone!

Build a great-looking website in minutes with SitePro, FamilyWebHost's online site builder!

This easy-to-use software runs right in your browser window, and requires no special design skills. All you do is select from a wide range of pre-configured site designs, upload any photos or images you want to use, type in your text, and publish your site. SitePro can be added to any of our webhosting pacakges for just $5/month.

  • SitePro Features
  • View the User's Guide
  • SitePro Demo - You can login to demo SitePro in either the "Builder" mode - where you would build a site from scratch, or the "Edit-Only" mode - where you would just be editing a site that was pre-built for you.

    Builder mode login:
    Username: build
    Password: sitepro

    Edit-Only mode login:
    Username: edit
    Password: sitepro

    Please NOTE that every hour, all files that you create in demo mode are cleared off of the server.
Check out some of SitePro's features:

  • Manage your own website: SitePro allows you to create and manage your website with ease. You can create a professional looking website in under 5 minutes and manage it with the integrated file and image managers, as well as the intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.
  • No HTML experience required: You can become a web designer without knowing any HTML or programming languages. Because everything is point and click, you can login and update your website quickly, easily and effectively.
  • More than simple HTML editing: SitePro is more than just a basic HTML editor. It includes integrated spell checking utilities, find/replace, direct source-code editing for advanced users, and wizards for more complicated tasks, such as table and form creation.
  • Time-saving "on demand" context menus: When editing a web page, you can simply right click anywhere inside of the editing window to see the appropriate context menu. For example, if you right click inside a table cell, you will have the option to change its background color, etc.
  • Powerful file and image managers: You can easily create new files based on pre-designed templates. You can also upload your own HTML pages and images.
  • Fully integrated stylesheet rendering: When you edit a web page containing a stylesheet, the WYSIWYG editor will automatically extract and render these styles in the editing window. You can even select from these styles in a drop-down list.

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